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03 Aug Tips for the small bedroom
Eleftheriou 0 4570
A small bedroom can be as beautiful, tasteful and functional as a larger one and at the same time give you the necessary sense of relaxation to feel comfortable and convenient in it.Usually the most common problem we encounter in a small bedroom is t..
15 Sep Lighting in the bedroom
Eleftheriou 0 12244
Proper lighting of the bedroom is the one that can always be successfully adapted to what you ask depending on your actions, whether you want it to be more intense or softer. For this reason it is good to spend a little of your time to assess the nee..
15 Sep The choice of bed mattress
Eleftheriou 0 12884
Choosing the right mattress for our bed is a very important process that directly affects our health. A proper and anatomical mattress offers us rest, relaxation and a pleasant sleep, things that are especially necessary for the proper functioning of..
15 Sep Choose the right pillow for you
Eleftheriou 0 12687
Our pillow plays a much more important role in our lives than we think. But how do we choose the right one? If we slept well at night, the next day may seem like a toy. Our pillow plays a big role in this. A proper pillow not only affects the quality..
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