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Mattress Calm (118x190)
New -23 %
The offer is valid due to a dimension error when ordering for the customer.Comfort : Thanks to the advanced foam materials that gradually hug the body and follow its natural curves, you enjoy comfort.Support : Independent pocket springs technology adapt to the body and hold the spine in its natural ..
280.00€ 365.00€
On sale Diamond iii exhibition mattress dimension 90x190 due to change of models.4-LEVEL & 7-ZONE SPRING SYSTEM for excellent progressive support and comfort with ventilation channels for a quality and healthy sleepCOPPER LATEX for incomparable comfort and a completely healthy environment due to..
690.00€ 2,349.00€
Mattress Gold iii (80x200)
New -63 %
Maintain your energy and efficiency from the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you return to your mattress.Feel incomparable relaxation, thanks to the unique combination of the system of 3 levels of springs and 7 zones of progressive support with the richest materials for an absolut..
580.00€ 1,566.00€
Mattress Live (146x198)
New -32 %
The offer is valid due to a dimension error when ordering for the customer.Η επαναστατική πρόταση για "έξυπνη αγορά".Το στρώμα Live σας εισάγει στη νέα εποχή ύπνου! Απολαύστε μοναδική άνεση και πραγματική ξεκούραση, χάρη στον συνδυασμό των ανεξάρτητων ελατηρίων που στηρίζουν ξεχωριστά κάθε..
430.00€ 628.00€
Mattress Live(160x210)
New -33 %
The offer is valid due to a dimension error in the customer's order.The revolutionary proposal for "smart market".The Live mattress ushers you into the new era of sleep! Enjoy unique comfort and real rest, thanks to the combination of independent springs that individually support each part of the bo..
480.00€ 715.00€
Mattress Silver 4
-100 %
What makes Optimum Silver so special:• Comfort2 SEASONS 2 FEELINGS for warmth in winter and coolness in summer.• Winter Side: Elicoidal Fill, High Density foam, Stability Control Pad.• Summer Side: Comfy foam, Cool wool fill, 3D Airflow, Stability Control Pad.• Support2-LEVEL & 7-ZONE SPRING SYS..

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Mattress Smart (150x200)
New -22 %
The Media Strom orthopedic mattress features open-type springs (Bonnel Springs) supported by a single steel bar in order to provide great strength and stability...
290.00€ 370.00€
Mattress Solid (190x190)
New -22 %
The offer is valid due to a dimension error when ordering for the customer.With the Solid mattress, you rest with increased levels of comfort in a truly healthy environment.What makes Benefit Solid so special?The special density, foam materials with the immediate return significantly enhance the fee..
390.00€ 502.00€
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