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Series Advance Prime

Feel the power of rejuvenation to change your day.

  • Thanks to the new, advanced Progressive Technology spring technology, the layers of the series intelligently recognize the heaviest parts of each body and support it in a unique way.
  • At the same time, they have Topper Inside mattresses integrated in the mattress that ideally embrace every different body type with the most innovative Hyper Active Fill comfort materials under the auspices of Aegis Shield, the top protection shield of the fabric. The clean lines of the fabric, its unpretentious but dynamic design in Violet shades, highlight its incomparable Italian elegance.
  • Sleep IQ Technology: The smart support technology that "reads" each body type individually.
  • Unique Comfort thanks to the most innovative materials for an incomparable feeling
  • Perfect Hug thanks to the 2 in 1 products, mattress with top layer together.
  • Health & Safety thanks to Aegis Shield technology

Discover the 4 great options in 2 different support technologies, exclusively from Media Strom.

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